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Diabolik by Facciolo. An exhibition of author comics in Maccagno

Diabolik by Facciolo. An exhibition of author comics in Maccagno
The great exhibition dedicated to the recently deceased Enzo Facciolo
will be open from Saturday 23 October until 13 March 2022.

Almost two months after his death, the Civico Museo "Parisi Valle" of Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca dedicates an important exhibition to Enzo Facciolo who left us last August 13, at the age of 89.
The exhibition, entitled "Diabolik by Facciolo. Enzo Facciolo and the world of comics", will be open to the public from Saturday 23 October (inauguration at 5 p.m.) until 13 March 2022 and presents a series of works by the artist who was able to characterize graphically the figures created by the Giussani sisters, making a fundamental contribution to the success of the character Diabolik.
Fabio Passera, Mayor of Maccagno con Pino and Veddasca, explains: "The idea and the conception we are going to realise were born from long and passionate conversations with Facciolo, whom I met personally and with whom I shared the enthusiasm for the project of an exhibition in Maccagno. Then, unfortunately, things went differently, and today we are inaugurating an exhibition that is, in fact, a tribute to Enzo Facciolo. What remains, however, is the memory of a special person and a true artist. And gratitude for his generosity and great ability to listen".
The councillor for culture, Elisabetta Cornolò says: "Our Civic Museum pays tribute to an author who, through his personal and ingenious creations, achieved complete graphic responsibility for the character of Diabolik, making him an icon in the universe of European comics and beyond".

At the Civico Museo "Parisi Valle" visitors will be able admire some original drawings on loan from the Facciolo family and others from the "Originale Multiplo" Art Gallery and Prints in Milan (, which exhibits modern and contemporary art, presenting original works, numbered graphics and "Original Multiples", continuing Giorgio Upiglio's artistic activity and his work of integration between the various art forms.
Enzo Facciolo (Milan, 2 October 1931 - Milan, 13 August 2021), after attending the School of Art at Castello Sforzesco, founded an animation studio with practically no experience in the field. Shortly afterwards, in 1954, he joined the Pagot brothers, with whom he worked for about a year, together with a team of animators, creating commercials and short films.
In 1959 he made his debut in the world of comics, writing and drawing the short series "Clint Due Colpi" for Edizioni Domai.
Thanks to the experience gained in the field of animation, in 1963 Astorina engaged him with the task of standardising the drawings of the Diabolik comic strip series, redefining the graphic features of the figures compared to the previous versions.
At the request of the Giussani sisters, Facciolo was inspired by the actor Robert Taylor to improve the definition and graphic recognisability, creating the iconic gaze of the protagonist, characterising his typical movements and mimicry, as well as perfecting the costume and the typical mask that substituted the shapeless hood of the early drawings. These features would become the point of reference for all illustrators of Diabolik comic strips.
Even the minor characters, such as Inspector Ginko, Eva Kant, and Altea of Vallenberg receive modifications and improvements.
Years later, one of his drawings (depicting Diabolik throwing a dagger) was used by Astorina publishing house as its logo.
At that time, he worked together with he illustrators Glauco Coretti and Armando Bonato.
During his long collaboration with the series, Facciolo realised both pencil and ink drawings, completing more than two hundred episodes.
In the meantime, he also started to collaborate with the graphic designer and painter Elio Silvestri, with whom he rented a room in the publishing house to draw cartoons, advertising campaigns and illustrations. Together they created the famous character "Calimero, pulcino nero" (black chick) for Carosello.
In 1979, he left Diabolik to dedicate himself to advertising graphics and moved to New York.
In the following years Facciolo worked for Italian advertising agencies, designing campaigns for Ferrarelle, Collistar, Alitalia, Fernet Branca, and many others.
In 1998 he rejoined the staff of Diabolik's illustrators.


Diabolik by Facciolo. Enzo Facciolo and the world of comics
From 23 October to 13 March 2022
Opening: Saturday 23 October at 5 pm
Civico Museo Parisi Valle of Maccagno con Pino and Veddasca (VA)
Opening hours: Friday from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. - Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon and from 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.
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