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The Civic Museum Parisi Valle di Maccagno with Pino e Veddasca continues the 2018 exhibition season with a solo exhibition by painter Dietrich Bickler: "The weeping lion ... and other stories".
The underlying theme of the exhibit, which will be inaugurated on Saturday, September 15 at 5.00 pm, is humanity seen through the sharp eye of the artist.

The canvas shows humanity constantly on the brink, its sins and miseries, its cheap tricks and triumphs.
However, Bickler neither accuses, nor judges: he merely observes humanity and its fragmented and contradictory truths. His spontaneous and amused view on daily images makes the observer smile and reflect at the same time.
The museum will also host a series of portraits and Mediterranean landscapes painted by this author of German origin.
Bickler has lived in Italy since 1948; he attended evening classes at the Brera Academy with professor Gino Moro and in 1971 organized his first solo exhibition in Milan. Since then, he has displayed his works in around 130 exhibitions in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
In 1982 the Hessische Ladesmuseum in Darmstadt purchased three of his oil paintings. In 1997 Nicolini publishes the book "Gente che si racconta" with 45 of his drawings and short stories. In 1999 the Ispra European Research Center invited him to represent Germany with a solo exhibit during the German semester.
The towns of Orta San Giulio, San Zenone Po, Pogno and Crotta d'Adda commissioned him to paint some murals, which will be highly appreciated by the public. In 2011 Casa Editrice Albatros, publisher in Rome, published his novel "The Last Dance of Relkib".
"The exhibition that we host at the Parisi-Valle - explain Mayor Fabio Passera and Municipal Councilor delegated to Cultural Events Alessandro Fazio – focuses on this artist’s knack for irony. Additionally, as with all the exhibitions we’ve held during this very meaningful 2018, a special corner will be reserved for an artist from a nearby area. In this case, we will be able to enjoy some works by Elisabetta Luna, a beautiful anthology of landscapes and portraits ".
The museum’s curator, Clara Castaldo, explains: "The works displayed in this exhibit show the ironic genius and artistic talent of a master who, through a friendly gallery of oil portraits and satirical drawings in mixed media, is able to examine humanity with amused participation in its common misfortunes, miseries, glory and limits of each individual".


The weeping lion... and other stories
Solo exhibition of Dietrich Bickler
Civico Museo Parisi-Valle di Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca
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Fridays: from 2:30 to 6:30 pm
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Free entry
With the special participation of Elisabetta Luna
For further information:
Curated by Clara Castaldo
Special opening for group visits, for a minimum of 15 people, can be requested (phone: 0332 561202)

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