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A small art event in Maccagno
Nature and Artefacts in Maccagno – A new join exhibition
by Alida Bardelli, Fabrizio Menotti, Marcello Papaleo and Cristina Rubinato

"Nature and artefacts in Maccagno – ‘Petite Rencontre’ by Alida Bardelli, Fabrizio Menotti, Marcello Papaleo and Cristina Rubinato" is the title of the forthcoming exhibition - curated by Clara Castaldo - held at the Parisi Civic Museum - Valle di Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca - from Saturday 8th December until Sunday 3rd February 2019 (Official Opening – Saturday 8th December, at 5:00pm).

The Town Mayor, Fabio Passera, and the Councillor, Alessandro Fazio, stated, “We are particularly pleased to host the works of this group of artists in our museum/gallery. The initiative involves setting up a number of small exhibitions to offer the public a wide range of styles, which come together under one roof. We believe the exhibition carries a powerful message of social inclusion and we think it will arouse creative discussions through the variety of the works on display.”

In addition, as customary, a special section entitled ‘Metal Casting & Books - Battaglia Foundry and Giancarlo Sardella Printshop’ will be available. Fabio Passera and Alessandro Fazio continued by saying, “As part of this section of the exhibition - set up by Danila Denti and Dino Mariani - the Parisi Valle Museum will display small bronzes, made by the Battaglia Foundry using the lost wax casting process, alongside a series of artist books printed by Giancarlo Sardella, a real contrast of unfolding beauty. The purpose of the collection is to merge two rather different forms of artistic craftsmanship, foundry and print work, both of which featured intensely throughout the vibrant artistic past of Milan. The ten bronze castings on display are part of Dino Mariani’s Maccagno collection. He managed the historic Battaglia Art Foundry in Via Stilicone, in Milan (the very foundry that produced the sculpture ‘The Dying Horse’ by the artist Francesco Messina, now situated outside the RAI headquarters in Rome). A dozen high-quality smaller bronze sculptures - chosen for the outstanding beauty of their shapes and for the unique style given to them by their creators – will also be available for viewing. These works sit alongside a number of artist books created by Giancarlo Sardella, a printer who recreates Urbino-style art.”

Clara Castaldo explains, "The exhibition entitled ‘Nature and artifice in Maccagno - Petite rencontre’ aims to illustrate, through the works of Alida Bardelli, Fabrizio Menotti, Marcello Papaleo and Cristina Rubinato, the art of the natural environment. Through capturing details and landscapes, the works expose a blend of natural world and technological inventions and how the different artist apply their own vision to capturing the inspirational brilliance of nature. As always, special thanks go to the team that made all this possible: Giorgio Bianchi, Michele Bell, Giovanni Colombo, Rosaria Mendetta, Dario Cesaretto and the Maccagno Pro Loco.

Nature and Artefacts in Maccagno
Petite Rencontre by Alida Bardelli, Fabrizio Menotti, Marcello Papaleo e Cristina Rubinato
Parisi Civic Museum, Valle di Maccagno con Pino e Veddasca
Official Opening: Saturday 8th December at 5:00 pm
On until Sunday 3rd February 2019
Opening hours: Friday from 2:00pm until 6:30pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 am until noon and from 2:00 pm until 6:30 pm

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